Keiki x MBX

Keiki (“KAY-kee”) is Hawaiian for “child”. Our keiki program consists of boys and girls 19 and under, and as young as 9 years old! Volunteer coaches and parent dedicate their time to teach our keikis how to excel on and off the water, building confidence and skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. They are the next generation and the future of outrigger canoe paddling.

This race season our keikis have gone beyond expectations with their team spirit and athletic achievements, and yet they want to do more! Our kids are now training for the Monterey Bay Crossing Race (also known as the MBX) on September 30th, 2017. There are 9 boys and girls ranging from 13 to 17 years old. This will be the first full keiki crew to compete in this challenging 26 mile, open ocean race from Santa Cruz to Monterey. They will be competing against adults in the Open Traditional Coed division. We know they can do it, and we are committed to supporting them!

These big races involve extra expenses, and so we are asking for your help.

30% Funded
$585 Raised
Days to Go

Our goal is to raise $2,000 to pay for the equipment and expenses needed to make our kids’ race experience the best and safest that it can be. Please consider donating— any amount, no matter how small, will help and is greatly appreciated!

These donations will be used to fund the following items:

  • Travel and lodging expenses
  • Equipment, especially good quality, keiki-sized paddles
  • Team uniforms
  • Escort/safety boat
  • Race nutrition and other supplies

MBX Keiki Crew: Conor, Emma, Paige, Madison, Amelia, Giuliano, Aidan, Zoe, Vincenzo